Virtual Reality and Binaural Sound, Non-linear Music and Procedural Audio. These are some of the fields for which I have a strong interest, and I am currently making research on.

During my degree in Sound for Games I have been studying and researching in several fields, you will find some interesting links on this page.

Ambient music is supposed to be ‘as ignorable as it is interesting’ (as Brian Eno stated). Making music for games means making music for different environments and situation, and can sometimes be considered Ambient music.

A short essay about Ambient music and other related genres:
Ambient Music: environment and purpose
On SoundCloud you can listen to the related tracks.

When making sound and music for video games it is important to have a basic knowledge of programming and its features.
Not only it is essential to communicate effectively with the developing team, but being able to implement your own sound gives you a more thorough control over the final result.

A short essay on the different generations of programming languages and how a higher level of abstraction changed human-machine interaction:
Generations of programming languages: the evolution of a human-machine communication

In the ‘Books‘ page you will find a list of books I have read and that I consider great sources for information and for inspiration.

In the ‘Video Games‘ page you will find a list of games that I found particularly interesting.