Bat Dolphin – Raijin & Fujin

These two small video games have been produced in 48 hours during the Global Game Jam 2017 at PM Studios, Bristol.

All Musics and Sound Effects produced by GioCo Sound during the Game Jam.

Global Game Jam 2017

50% dolphin, 50% bat, 100% reliant on echo location! Fly through the air or swim through the water in this side scroller, where the terrain is invisible until hit with your echo location ability. Earn points by eating fireflies and fish, but beware each one you eat pushes you closer to being 100% bat or dolphin!

Click the button above to play Bat Dolphin in your browser

Or follow the link below to download the source file and executable from the official GGJ website

GGJ Bat Dolphin

Global Game Jam 2017

The Shinto god Raijin controls thunder and storms, he created rice with a bolt of lightning. Move Raijin’s clouds around the map using his drums, while his brother Fujin – god of Wind – attempts to hamper your endeavour.


To download source file and executable from the official GGJ website click the link below

GGJ Raijin&Fujin